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Travel specialists experienced in the Victoria Falls region including Chobe. With a personalised touch, we endeavour to make your trip to the Victoria Falls a memorable one.

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Mushili Way, Livingstone, Zambia

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About Us

Zamology was set up in March 2018 in Livingstone, Zambia.  The Company is run and managed by Sarah Benbow who has established herself as one of Zambia’s leading tourism guru’s.  Sarah has 15 years’ worth of experience in the area, doing everything in the industry, from making the tea through to heading up sales & marketing teams, with staff training, guest relations, lodge management and activity centre management thrown into the mix.

The idea behind Zamology is to primarily provide the best travel services available to the Adventure Capital of Southern Africa – Livingstone, Zambia, with a huge focus on going the extra mile and giving the special Zamology personal touch to everything that we do.   Whether this be enjoying the many offers of 5* luxury in the region or enjoying the fun and adventure of the backpacker and camping lifestyle.

Zamology’s expertise and services also extend to the whole of Zambia and the entire Victoria Falls region, taking sections of Zimbabwe and Botswana into account too.

Zamology Logo

OLOGY – noun (definition)

  1. A subject of study; a branch of knowledge.
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We specialise in making your stay in Livingstone or Victoria Falls Town as easy and trouble-free as possible.

Devils Pool and Livingstone Island with Zamology

What We Do

We specialise in making your stay in Livingstone or Victoria Falls Town as easy and trouble-free as possible. We can book entire itineraries or single activities or accommodation at no additional cost to you. What you pay the operators or hotel/lodge is what you would pay us.

The added advantages of booking through us are:

  • One single payment for multiple bookings with different operators
  • Personalised attention where we don’t simply try and sell you anything we can. Instead we can discuss the various options available and come up with something that suits you and your budget.
  • Having been resident in the region for well over a decade we know who to book with and who to avoid ensuring that your stay is nothing but smooth sailing.
  • We can arrange bespoke tours and activities tailored to your needs
  • We may be able to obtain discounts that operators would not provide the general public. And where we can get discounts we always pass them onto our clients.